06 March 2013

How to get rid of your dog's spots.

The dog's spots in the lawn!
My daughter liked that corny joke.
There is really only one or two options here.
One train your dog to go in a rock area or in a dog run.
If that is too hard to do. Water out the spots. Try to go out after your dog and wash it away right after he goes. Following your dog around the yard with a hose is not something most of us can do either. Inevitably if you have dogs you end up with a couple of spots in the lawn. When you see these spots, water them heavily. Try to water out all of the salts.
Female dogs make spots more often then male dogs. That is why some dog owners don't get dog spots at all. I have been told that Dalmatians have higher amounts of salt in their urine then other breeds. Your neighbor might have a dog and no problem with getting dog spots. It is just a difference in the dog.
Don't change his food for this, the idea that you can change the dog's urinary pH, it doesn't work. Also, hardware store cures don't work. Home remedies that include anything more then plain water can make the problem worse.

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