13 November 2009

Ford's diesel drama drags on: Power Stroke woes anger buyers, drive up warranty costs

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Longmont Ford

05 November 2009

Planting in a wet area --

A few plants for planting in a wet area...

Trees - Colorado Blue Spruce or Cottonwood.

Shrubs - Dogwood, Alder, River Birch.

Ornamental Grass - Maiden Grass.

Perennial - Iris, Siberian Iris, Mist Flower, Golden Flax.

Annual in our area - Canna Lily

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20 October 2009


We purchased a Ford F450 from a local Longmont Ford dealership in June 2008. Just over a year and under 20,000 miles it has major mechanical problems including a recall. It looks like the Dealer and Ford is now going to not follow through on the Warranty and not fix the truck. If you have had similar problems with Ford vehicles or Ford dealerships we would like to hear from you.


21 July 2009

So, what the heck is it?

It is a Ladybug's larva.

Yes, that ugly bug is a baby ladybug. You might have played with Ladybugs as a child and never noticed these before. They actually eat more aphids as a larva then they do when they reach adulthood. We hear a lot about the benefits of ladybugs all the time but we always seem to see and think of them as the adult beetles only.

Think twice - when you see some ugly creature crawling on your prised rose.

Know what it is before you reach for that all purpose insecticide. Don't judge the creature by its looks because it might be there to help you.

A list of beneficial insects coming soon.

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18 June 2009

What the heck is that thing?

Who knows what this ugly, nasty looking bug is?

I bet you have these things in your yard!

Please answer by commenting. I'll confirm the correct answer sometime next week.

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Chillin' in the shade! 10 plants for the shade.

1. White Fir also called Concolor Fir - Tall evergreen tree.

2. Euonymus - Many verities, ground covers and shrubs. Leafy semi-evergreen.

3. Kinnikinnick - Very cool ground cover. Grows all over in the Colorado mountains naturally. They are also very good for fall color.

4. Hosta - If its not protected from the hail it already shredded around here. 'Hosta shredafolia' corny garden joke... Use the light colored green and variegated plants in part sun and the darker gray and blueish plants in very heavy shade.

5. Columbine - Colorado State Flower. Flowering perennial.

6. Bellflower - flowering perennial.

7. English Ivy - Ground cover, climbing vine.

8. Vinca also called Periwinkle or Vinca Major - ground cover vine.

9. Impatiens - great for annual color, annuals

10. Coleus - Very cool foliage plant, annual

This is only the first 10 that came off the top of my head of a long list of nice plants. If you are looking for something in particular please ask me.

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15 June 2009

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13 May 2009

Building your maintenance package

You build your own maintenance service package based on the services you need. The most common services listed. Chose the services and then group them into a package. We total the prices of all the services and divide the total out into easy monthly payments. Choose Berggren Blooms because we are about your convenience!

Our to do list:

  • Mow, Trim, Edge
  • Weeding
  • Flower Planting
  • Lawn Fertilization
  • Lawn Aeration
  • Spring Clean-up
  • Fall Clean-up
  • Sprinkler System Start-up and Adjust
  • Sprinkler System Repairs
  • Sprinkler System Winterizing
  • Pruning
  • Bulb Planting

Your to do list:

  • BBQ With Friends in the Back Yard
  • Read a Book
  • Enjoy a Bike Ride
  • Go For a Walk
  • Sit Out in the Lawn With an Ice Tea
  • Play Ball with the Kids
  • Watch Your Dog Run Around
  • Put Out A Bird Feeder
  • Enjoy Your Yard!

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07 February 2009

10 cool plants for shade areas!

  1. Columbine - I had to mention this one first because it is Colorado's state flower.
  2. Hosta - Great foliage plant some have real nice flowers to, some have flowers that you don't notice much. Use the darker leaf Hosta in heavy shade. Use the lighter greens, golds and variegated in lighter shade, part sun and a few can even go in the Sun. Watch out for slugs and hail damage. (Pasta Hosta - Hosta shredafoilia) yet another corny joke.
  3. Euonymus - some of these have evergreen leaves, great for winter interest. Many verities from tall shrubs to ground covers.
  4. Lilac - the big old fashioned - Common Lilac to the dwarf Korean Lilac. Great Spring color in the shade.
  5. Viburnum - some of these are leafy evergreens. Some are partial evergreen, they hold leaves into the Winter but drop them at some point. Common Viburnums include Snowball Bush, both American & European Cranberry Bush, Nannyberry and Wayfaring Tree. Many sizes and leaf textures to chose from. They bloom on old wood like Lilacs (prune lightly after bloom.) They also provide fruit for birds - not Snowball Bush its a sterile hybrid.
  6. Kinnikinnick - I love this ground cover plant because it reminds me of camping in the Colorado mountains. Leafy Evergreen ground cover. Native of Colorado Mountains.
  7. Oregon Grape Holly - leafy evergreen shrub also, Creeping Oregon Grape Holly is a ground cover. Looks similar to Holly but not a true Holly at all. Its actually a Mahonia, it has other commonly used names - Mahonia or Mahony.
  8. Dwarf Alberta Spruce - cool little spruce. These guys get damaged by the Sun in the Winter time. If the Sun hits it, shade it in the Winter.
  9. White Fir - Large evergreen tree. Also called the Concolor Fir. This one has really neat soft thick needles, pale green in color.
  10. Arborvitae - many verities and colors to chose from, ranging from blue needles to dark green. These are the softer version of an upright juniper. They are not junipers they just resemble them.


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